Our Client Testimonials

Doc I just felt the need to say thank you for everything you have done for me. You truly are the best person I have ever met. I passed all my first year modules due to the help that you have me. Words could not express the joy I felt when I saw my results. You once said to me “I like your approach to life; you will go far with it.” I thank God that every student who will attend the life coaching in the near future will have such a great person as you. Thanks again.


I never thought that I am capable of letting go of the fear that I have. I really know that it is not easy and it will not just go, but what I am sure and positive about is that Disa showed me the light that I can still do it. I am really grateful for being part of such an unforgettable experience. You truly changed my mind set and the way I used to do things.


I have many interests and talents and I had neglected most of them over time and in the first day I sparked back to my energetic self, very positive and productive, truthful and optimistic. With all that I’ve learned here I will come out better, more positive and productive person. I’ve even been converted to being a reader after reading Unfathered.


I first wrote my strengths and my weaknesses and wrote how I can use my strengths to change my weaknesses. I had a problem of not enjoying practising with other and I was telling myself that I can do this alone, and that was my mistake but I realised it and changed it. Thank you Doc. I wish one day I can pass the knowledge I have received to others so that they can get help before they are in trouble.


I always blamed others for every wrong thing that is happening in my life and today I know that I am a victim of myself. I am busy blocking my success and instead I should start living on the Cause side where I take responsibility of everything. Now I know how to set up my goals and how to align myself correctly and to have the law of attraction and attitude of appreciation. Thank you for again taking us back to the past which was awesome yet emotional experience where we take off our negative emotions and allow ourselves to be happy.


Disa taught me the importance of goal setting and I now have a very good picture of where I want to see myself in the next future and how I plan to do that because one thing that I have learned is that it is no use to have goals if you are not prepared to take action and work towards them. I connected to the inner being and was able to find out the root causes of some of the issues and problems I had been having almost my whole life, which were actually some buried experiences and emotions. I revisited my past and got to face my fears and get rid of conflicts I had within me. The last session, which was about finances, was one of my highlights of the experience, I have learned how important it is to budget and I am going to start doing exactly that.


I was able to let go of my fears and all of my negative emotions that I did not know existed in me. – I learned to become a spiritual being first and natural being second, I learned to trust myself with the decisions that I make deep in my mind. I am not only free in my body and mind but I feel financially free and liberated as we touched on the budget and how to draft it.


Dr Disa I for once would like to personally pass my gratitude to you. I am grateful for your efforts and such great deeds and the things you have taught me. I lack the appropriate words that can show the magnitude of my gratitude. Thank you and may goodness follow you.


Thank you DrD for everything. I have always longed for the love you’ve shown me. Thank you so much. I believe I wouldn’t have finished the year without your support. You constantly reminded me that I CAN and I did.


Going through the process and dealing with emotions brought much healing and made me find inner peace. I became aware of the emotions that were troubling me of which I didn’t even know about. While dealing with that emotion of fear, I was surprised to see that I got fear of rejection, of which I was not aware.


When I first got here I had so many negative emotions and some of them I wasn’t even aware that they were hindering my progress and peace. The techniques that Mr and Dr Mogashana used to express my feelings that were supressed were really amazing. I never knew that I could actually go back to the past and work through past emotions. The coaching helped me to control and let go of my negative emotions and for portraying a positive picture about how I should see myself and believe in myself. It helped me forgive just for the purpose of finding peace and have the courage to do things that I thought were beyond my reach.


I was an angry person. I felt lost with nothing much to do. I was procrastinating. I was hopeless, fearful, hurt, rejected and feeling all sorts of awful emotions. I felt like a failure and hardships surrounded me. I was so angry that my anger was affecting my health. It was blocking me from seeing the sunny side, the bright side of life. I found it hard to let go and forgive. I am a brand new person. I feel revived and thanks to this coaching I feel restored. I am restored. I am happy. The chain is broken. I am filled with hope and joy. The spirit of fear has no dominion over me anymore. I have let go of the anger and I never thought I have the power to can do that and I did. I learned to forgive and let go. I feel awesome. I can feel inner peace within me. Now I know that procrastinating is not going to take me anywhere.


When I first arrived here my emotional state was all over the place. I didn’t have a sense of where my life is going. The coaching sessions have helped me first to be aware of the suppressed anger that I allowed to accumulate for about 11 years. Now I feel like a free soul. I am no longer angry at him.


It is amazing how we don’t deal with our issues and emotions and expect them to just go away, which is something that doesn’t happen because I learned that if you suppress them they have lots and lots of energy and you end up taking them out on the wrong person or even hindering your own progress in life.


Learning about the conscious and subconscious mind and the negative emotions really helped me peel off layers of supressed feeling and emotions I was not even aware of. I dealt with things that I never knew that they actually bothered me. I am now able to channel the inner voice in me and listen to it when it speaks to me. I am fully understanding to certain feelings that I now know how to express. I learned to trust in my decisions. I learned what it takes to walk on a journey to healing. Being positive and positive thinking can somewhat change how things go for you in like and how you see things.


I came here thinking that I have forgotten everything about my past and the pains in my life, but coming here helped me forgive and deal with all my anger and feeling unhappy, alone, had and rejected. I loved the Scale of Consciousness and it helped me see that being sad, angry, hopeless and unhappy only kills and holds me back. It showed me that holding on to negative emotions hurts me and not the person who hurt me. I feel lighter and happy and feel that I can do anything. I also learned to accept the way I look and feel about my body. My body is good-looking and my eyes are big and beautiful.


DrD I just wanted to say thank you that I did well in my modules. I am so proud of myself at the way I managed to change my studying problems this year.


DrD I just want to say thank you for being there for me. I remember when I was losing hope that your words really encouraged me. I passed all my modules. Thanks again.


Being part of the coaching has made me realise that some of the negative emotions that I experienced were not because of my father leaving me, but because of what happened to me as a child. This life coaching has helped me in such a way that I didn’t expect. One of my friends attended it before me and she told me that my life would change and I laughed so hard when she told me that I would be able to feel what I felt while I was in my mother’s womb. I never knew that this was possible until I came here. I am now convinced that I could actually get all the answers that I have been looking for.


I am thankful that I could find inner peace because I was forever smiling but there was no peace at all within me. Right now when I smile I do it with peace. I can tell that I am a totally different person from the minute I got in this room. In life there are emotions I believed I never had, but I was shocked to find out that I had them. I am grateful that I was able to release them. The life coaching made me realise that I was living what people thought I was. But I now choose to live the real me, who I am in my new self-image. I was always going with the flow but now I choose to live by my way.