Individual Coaching

Let’s face it; being a student is difficult sometimes. You may be feeling stuck and not sure of what to do next, or how to make your life better. You want to succeed, but there are stumbling blocks that seem to get in your way.

You are left feeling frustrated, doubting yourself and sometimes completely overwhelmed and unable to focus on what matters the most – your success in your studies. You don’t think that you have enough support to get through this tough time.

You have tried many things. You have made a timetable, a ‘plan’, but you are not able to stick to it. You have attempted to reach out to others, but you feel like you are an imposter sometimes. Things used to be so much easier in school, but now you are struggling to keep up. It is all so overwhelming!

You realise that your trusted methods from the past no longer work as effectively. You feel like this is too much; it is causing you to feel anxious, sad and sometimes depressed.

What you want is:

  • To have a clear sense of direction and goals
  • To overcome fear of failure
  • To create a proper plan for achieving your goals
  • To overcome obstacles such as insecurity, self-doubt and anxiety
  • To stop procrastinating
  • To increase you confidence in yourself
  • To thrive in your studies
  • To succeed in life!

If this sounds like you, I can help.

I can help you overcome the obstacles; the feelings of being stuck and unable to succeed. I can help you clear the things that are keeping you stuck and limiting you from achieving your goals. I can help you overcome issues that hinder you from living an enjoyable and fulfilling experience of being a student.

Work with me by choosing one of the programmes that best suit you.

The kick-start me session

We will work together to identify and troubleshoot a particular problem that you present to me. I will give you the necessary guidance on how to resolve it. Should you need more advice, you may opt for one of the other programmes.


R1 500
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Ready to Go session

In this one-off session, we will work together to identify one critical problem that seems to be troubling you the most. We will then use specific life coaching techniques to uproot the problem and remove the negative beliefs and emotions surrounding it. At the end of the session you will be clearer on how to move forward now that you’ve let go of the presenting problem. Should you require to work on more problems, you may consider one of the other programmes.


R3 000
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Ride the Wave Programme

This programme runs over four weeks, with a 2-hour session once a week. It is an excellent programme for someone who wants to know how to ride the wave of life with its challenges! We will work together to get you going by first empowering you with knowledge of how you operate, and how successful students and people navigate life challenges. We will work on your goals, identify and address your limiting beliefs and negative emotions that hinder your progress. We will empower you with a new self-image for success. We will use various life coaching techniques to suit your specific outcomes and to ensure that you are ready to ride the wave to the end.


R15 000
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