Students Success Coaching

The challenges:

  • General concern about students high drop out rates at university, some because they get into wrong careers or do not believe in their potential to succeed.
  • Some have limiting beliefs, negative self-perceptions etc., which limit them from achieving their true potential.
  • Students need more than just encouragement, they need ongoing mentoring, advising from someone with an expertise in student learning issues.
  • The idea is to help them set goals and reach new heights, to realise the power within them, to change their circumstances and achieve their goals.

What I offer to Students

Based on my expertise in Student Success, I identified that students who achieve their goals and their dreams are those who realise that they have inherent potential as human being to overcome their limiting thoughts and beliefs and some inferior thinking. These students discover that nothing else can hold them back except their own thinking. Students can easily move from being ordinary to being extraordinary when they recognise this inherent potential. As a Student Success Coach, my role is to help students discover this potential and to use to achieve success in both their academic and personal goals. This is an interactive process and a personal relationship between the coach and the student. We work with the following groups of students: