Relationship Coaching (This page is being updated)

Let’s face it, we are social beings. We experience ourselves in relation to other people in our lives. BUT our relationships with the people in our lives are not always smooth and sometimes we need to work on them to make them be fruitful, successful and joyous!

Here are some of the relationships that we empower You to improve on:

  • Your relationship with Yourself – this is by far the most important relationship You will EVER have! If You can’t live in a harmonious relationship with Yourself, the chances of having successful relationships outside of Yourself are very slim. Improving Your relationship with Yourself will benefit Your OTHER relationships! Invest in Yourself and reap the benefits in other parts of Your life.
  • Your relationship with Your Spouse or Partner – This is another relationship that NEEDS Your attention and deliberate intention to work on. It is hard enough having a relationship with Yourself, having a long-term relationship with someone else is often marred with challenges. For those in long-term relationships, allow Yourself to continuously invest in Your relationships. Invest in improving Your relationship and reap great rewards of living in harmony with each other.
  • Your relationship with your Parent or Child – Parent and child relationship is very important. Having struggled with my relationship with my father, I help many Unfathered clients overcome the challenges of having an absent parent. Sometimes this important relationship faces many challenges that often result in hurt, insecurity and feelings of rejection. Coaching can do wonders to help restore these relationships. Invest in your relationship with Your child or parent and find great joy and fulfilment in it.
  • Your relationship with your Mother or Father in law – how does Your relationship with your in laws influence the state of Your marriage? Are You willing to have a different experience of these relationships? No matter how bad it may seem it can improve!
  • Your relationship with your Siblings in law – sometimes it is difficult enough dealing with the often challenging relationships with Your Spouse’s parents. But dealing with the siblings can be even more traumatising. Investing in Yourself to improve your relationships with them is such a worthwhile thing to do! It all starts with You, not them!
  • Your relationship with your Siblings – How does Your relationship with Your siblings influence you negatively? There is always a better way to relate to them. Invest in Yourself to improve your relationship with them.
  • Your relationship with Your boss or colleagues – You may have great relationships with Your family but find it difficult to relate to people in the workplace. Whether it is Your boss or colleagues, relationship coaching will empower you to improve Your relationship at work!