TSI Group Coaching Programme

The unique, research-informed, small group coaching programme, the TSI group coaching model, is my ultimate solution to the current problems we face in higher education in South Africa – the problem of high attrition rates of students.

South Africa is still emerging out of a profoundly unequal society and educational backgrounds. When students arrive at university, some struggle to adjust to the pace, the new norms and standards and the new ways of ‘being’ in the world. Some students survive and thrive, and unfortunately, many drop out.

The TSI group coaching model was developed out of some of the key findings from my PhD and some life coaching principles and technique. It is uniquely positioned to offer a cost-effective solution and support to students who are struggling while making their way through their studies. A quick reminder of what the PhD found about students that succeed:

  • They know what they want in life (goals); this helps them know how to proceed (plan)
  • They take responsibility for their lives – they don’t see themselves as victims of their circumstances
  • They make things happen by taking appropriate action – this includes seeking help from other students, from their lecturers, working in groups and being proactive about finding solutions to their problems.

The TSI group coaching model offers the benefits of life coaching in a group while allowing each student the space to do work on their own under the guidance of a life coach.

The TSI group coaching model has already transformed the life of many students. It has helped transform the lives of many students at Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) where it has been piloted for over two years. It is currently being piloted at the University of Cape Town, where with a group of first-year engineering students.

The programme is targeted at organisations that would like to offer support to groups of students. These organisations include universities (already been piloted at UCT and CPUT), Bursary programmes, Foundations that fund students, and other related groups.

The students undergo a two-day intensive coaching programme while experiencing individual attention within a group context. If you are part of such an organisation, you are welcome to contact me for more information.

Individuals can also join online group sessions that are held frequently. Each session covers a specific topic. Look at the events and how to join the online group sessions.