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I may not yet know about you, but I know that you are visiting this website because you are looking for answers and solutions to your challenges. You want to experience your life better than your current experience

Welcome home. I am here to let you know that you are not alone. I am here to inform you that I understand, and to let you know that you deserve to feel better and to be excited about your journey. Always remember that your life matters, otherwise you wouldn’t be alive today.

I am just like you.. I once was a student too, and let me tell you it was a hectic ride. I am an ordinary person who has experienced the hardships of life. One part of that life involves having been an undergraduate chemical engineering student at the University of Cape Town, and boy did that journey shock me! Did I not fail my first Maths class test with 38% and feel insecure, doubtful, hurt, sad, and almost quit within the first two months! Oh boy, and so much more happened afterwards.

Rewind: I was born in a small town of Thaba Nchu in the Free State Province; I completed my high school at a township school in Bloemfontein. After high school, I left for Cape Town to study Chemical Engineering at UCT because none of the universities in my province offered Chemical Engineering. I was lucky enough to secure a bursary; otherwise my parents would not be able to pay for my education.

I knew as early as in my 3rd year at varsity that, unlike the technical engineering graduate stuff that I was expected to do later in life, my life would involve helping students heal and succeed in their studies. I had already decided to take some psychology courses parallel to Chemical Engineering, something that many considered insane at that time. But this helped me feel ‘balanced’ and helped me understand myself and other people better. And guess what I do for a living right now? Yes! I am living my dream! I help students like you to make their way through their studies successfully and to thrive in life.

I knew early in my life that my life would involve helping students

After the twists and turns of the life of an undergraduate student, and let me tell you – they were many! - I eventually completed my first degree. Phew! I immediately enrolled for a Master’s in Engineering Education, which allowed me to explore how students approach their learning. I finished the degree 2.5 years later and by then I had already landed a job!

My first job involved students, and you guessed right, I was a lecturer! I lectured Engineering Physics for two years and it was during this time that I developed my passion for studying successful students, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds. This led me to a decision to leave my job and do a PhD as a full-time student.

My passion involved studying successful students and how they were making it.

The PhD was a bumpy ride, which saw me being depressed, anxious, and struggling with memory loss. It made me sit through many hours of psychotherapy. At some point I was even put on 6 months sick leave and this was the lowest point of my life. I had reached rock bottom. It seemed all over for me.

It was during this lowest point that I discovered life coaching. Let’s just say that finding out about life coaching changed my life! From that point I picked myself up and took another 18 months to complete the PhD. I wished I had discovered life coaching sooner, much earlier in my life.

You may be wondering: so what did Disa find out about “how successful students succeed In the PhD?”

  • They know what they want in life (goals); this helps them know how to proceed (plan)
  • They take responsibility for their lives – they don’t see themselves as victims of their circumstances
  • They make things happen by taking appropriate action – this includes seeking help from other students, from their lecturers, working in groups and being proactive about finding solutions to their problems.

Successful students take responsibility

Fast-forward to today

Today, skilled in life coaching and the knowledge about successful students from my PhD, I am living my dream by being a student life coach! I have coached over 150 students. I believe that helping you succeed is part of serving my purpose.

Of course I have other purposes. Apart from being a wife and raising two wonderful boys who want to become pilots one day, my other purpose entails helping heal those who have complex relationships with their fathers. I do this through the work inspired by the book Unfathered, which I published in 2017. Please click below button to read more about the book Unfathered.

About the Book Unfathered

In many ways the student coaching and the Unfathered work intersect. I have coached many students who have complicated relationships with their parents. If you are a student in that position, be comforted by the knowledge that reaching out to me for coaching will help you solve both problems in one!

I have done it. I have overcome and so will you.
I look forward to meeting you.

Your coach

Disa Mogashana


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My Experiences & Qualifications

There are so many reasons to choose me as your coach, here are my qualifications & experiences:

  • Transformation Life CoachTM
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner
  • PhD in Engineering Education
  • Inner Freedom Coaching System CoachTM
  • Published Author
  • MPhil. in Engineering Education
  • Negative Emotional Therapy PractitionerTM
  • University Lecturer
  • BSc in Chemical Engineering

and so much more...