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by Dr Disa Mogashana

Unfathered: a memoir of a woman who grew up without a father. It is a gripping account of Disa’s life story, which she tells from a perspective of growing up without her father. Written as a deeply emotional letter to him, she takes the reader through key events in her life including the circumstances surrounding her untimely birth and why she considered herself a bastard.

In this book, Disa’s story challenges parents to be aware of the consequences of their physical and emotional absence in the lives of their children, especially fathers who are often the parents that are unavailable. It challenges those who grew up like her to overcome their challenges and to not be defined by their circumstances. It challenges them to let go of the things that hold them back and reach out to their true potential...

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Unfathered Reviews

Dr Mathews Phosa and Dr Disa Mogashana

Dr Mathews Phosa with
Dr Disa Mogashana

Dr Mathews Phosa

"There are many shockers in this book. The silly uncle who made you sit on his lap and made you feel his stick, the suicide note, your father’s desertion to Mafikeng…Here you show calmness in the face of a storm. Human resilience is unfathomable. Here you are the heroine refusing to succumb. A champion in the face of adversaries rejecting rejection and saying it in its face.Ultimately you find love in Lucky. Irrespective, rejection continues to fester on your side. Is it not time parents realise that children need love like manure to nurture and grow?"